Fishing license

A fishing license is required for fishing in the Åby river. Other fishing waters are excemted.

Fishing licenses for the Lower Åby river fishery conservation area is sold on, where you can also find current rates. You can also buy a license at any of our other points of sale.

Fishing inpectors

Contact one of our fishing inspectors if you need information or help when you visit our river, for example if a salmon is may need to be put to death because of injury.

Mikael Bergh 0706699135

Daniel Hedlund 0720502155

Johan Fahlgren 0706856695

Oskar Karlsson 0702871794

Anders Edström 0706000698

Mats Johansson 0702270062

Ulf Larsson 0730360605

Conny Lindberg 0705820749


Fishing rules

Our fishing rules can be found at

Fishing ban at high water temperatures

The Lower Åby river Fishery conservation area association has decided that fishing for salmon, trout and grayling will be stopped when water temperatures are 18 degrees Celsius or higher. Violation of this rule will mean that a control fee is charged.

The official temperature measurement equipment is the single point of truth for when this fishing ban will occur. The current measured temperature can be found on the landing page.
If you have purchased a fishing license you have no right to reimbursement for lost fishing days due to high water temperatures


When you park along the river, please use designated areas, marked by P signs. If this is not possible, make sure you are not blocking driveways and that you are not parked in a private parking area.
Do not drive or park your car on farmland.
At nighttime, avoid parking close to houses and make sure you do not disturb residents when you walk down to the river.
Thank you for showing respect!

Hand nets

The Lower Åby river fishery conservation association has bought a number of hand nets that are placed at strategic places along the river, in order to help land and reset the fish. A sign will mark where the hand net is located. Feel free to use the hand net when it is needed, but please return it to its place when you are done so that others can use it.

Proposals or needed actions
If you see anything that needs to be fixed or otherwise acted upon, or if you want to propose something, please contact us.

Respect nature

Respect nature and keep it clean!
Leave the places you visit as you wish to find them.

Litter will destroy the experience of nature and it hurts wildlife, both on land and in the water. Read more about the consequences of littering at the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation website (

Invasive species

The country administrative board has a project about invasive species which affects us all. If you are a fisherman by trade or if fishing is one of your leisure time activities, you can make a great contribution in working against the spreading of invasive species.
It is important to learn how to recognize the species, to never return them info the water, and to report your findings. You will find information about these species here. If you want to read more about these species, you can do it in the broschure.

Thank you for your important contribution!

Places of sale


Point of sales




+46 912-30353


Anders Öhlund

+46 70-2667755

Arne Karlsson

+46 70-5290038


André Johansson

+46 70-2902856


Challes sport o kläder

+46 912-10140


Fällfors camping

+46 72-577 34 71


Nymans Fiske & Fritid

+46 911-15425

Åbyälvens övre FVO

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