Åbyälvens Nedre FVO

The lower Åby river fishery conservation area

Fishing in the Åby river, from Renholmen to Blåfors

The river right now


Current temperature: 2 C
Water depth: 155.5 cm
Flow: 46.905325 m3/s

Latest measurement:
2023-10-15 11:07:04




Rule updates from HaV for fishing in rivers by the ocean.


Invitations to bid for this seasons' maintence.


Annual meeting Jan 30 in Åbyn

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Our fishing rules can be found at ifiske.se

About Åbyälvens Nedre FVO

The Åby river is a 175km long forest river with its source in the municipality of Arvidsjaur, county of Norrbotten. The final 43km lies within the county of Västerbotten. The catchment area of the Åby river lies completely in the forest and is thereby not namely affected by the snow melting in the mountains to the West. The catchment area mainly consists of a moraine landscape made out of pine forest and wetlands with only a few major contributaries. After the county boarder and all the way to its outlet, the river is surrounded by an increasing number of stretches of farmland. The lower stretches falls higher than any other river in the north of Sweden and offers a large number of nice streams and white-water rapids. The river is classified as a Natura-2000 area and is considered to have a high diversity of species, and key species such as salmon, otter and freshwater pearl mussel can be found in the area. You can also find many rare plants, such as the  Västerbotten county flower Kung Karls spire.

Åbyälvens Nedre FVO is the name of the fishery conservation area association in lower Åbyälven, and the association has an active board with a management plan where fisheries management and working towards keeping an available and enjoyable fishing is a large part.

The Lower Åby River fishery conservation area stretches from the fresh-/saltwaterline at the old docks of Renholmen up to the hanging bridge in Blåfors. In addition, the lakes Bastusjön, Åbyträsket and Djupsjön are also a part of the fishery conservation area. Apart from salmon, there are nice populations of trout, grayfish, bass and northern pike in the river. In the lakes, pike, bass and roach are common species. The main migration of salmon in the river happens during spring and early summer.

The Åby river salmon is a naturally reproducing salmon population which is unique by Swedish standards. It has not been subject to release of other, foreign, salmon populations as many other northern rivers have. This means that todays salmon in Åby river is, genetically, almost identical to the original Åby river salmon.

In the 1990s, great hope was put in a salmon ladder that was built alongside the Hednäs power station. The idea was that the salmon would reach the nice playgrounds and growth places upstream from the power plant, including nice areas in Norrbotten county. Unfortunately there have been recurring problems with the solutions built for the migration up- and downstream, which consequently means that growth in the salmon population of Åby river has failed. This is the reason why Åbyälvens Nedre FVO has implemented tougher rules for salmon fishing than the authorities' general requirements for salmon waters. We want to take care of our unique salmon population.

Åbyälvens nedre FVO

Lower Åby river fishery conservation area association

Members of the Board

    Chairman Magnus Larsson
    Vice chairman Mikael Bergh
    Secretary Johan Johansson
    Treasurer Stefan Johansson
        Board members:
        Arne Karlsson
        Johan Fahlgren

      Conny Lindberg


            Markus Lundmark

              benjamin Logart

                Anders Edström

                      Fishing Inspectors

                      Our fishing inspectors can be found under Fiskeinfo.


                      Chairman Magnus Larsson

                      Phone: 070-3153469

                      E-mail: ordforande@abyalven.se

                      Webb, photos: info@abyalven.se


                      Last annual meeting: Protocol 2023

                      Management plan: Förvaltningsplan

                      Statutes: Stadgar Åbyälvens nedre FVO


                      Updated fishing rules by HaV for fishing in rivers by ythe ocean


                      HaV has updated the fishing rules for fishing in rivers by the ocean. This affects the fishing in our river as well.

                      The rule update can be found on our page at iFiske.se.

                      Invitation to send in bid for maintenance work


                      You are hereby invited to leave a bid for the maintenance work of the 2023 season.

                      You can find the contents of the assignent as well as bid instructions here (in Swedish).

                      Bids shall be sent before April 10th to ordforande@abyalven.se.

                      Annual meeting


                      You are hereby called to the 2023 Annual meeting for Åbyälvens FVO.

                      Time and place

                      The meeting will be held in Åbyn at Gotis on Monday Jan 30 at 19:00.

                      Documents (in Swedish)

                      Dagordning Årsstämma 2023

                      Förslag på fiskeregler 2023

                      Submit your motions to the Annaul meeting


                      Dealine for submitting your motions to the annual meeting is 31/12. Submit them by contacting our Chairman of the board via e-mail: ordforande@abyalven.se.

                      Report from the work done on the river tributaries during the 2022 season


                      During this season the Åby river lower FVO has kept working with the tributaries located within the FVO boundaries.

                      Work has consisted of, among other things, analsis of sulphate rich soil in the area. We have done a digital mapping of ditches in along the tributaries which we have chosen to work with. Sampling of water quality in both river and tributaries have been done on two occasions. We have also completed restoration of the Söravan stream.

                      We want to take this opportinuty to thank everyone involved with the execution of this years LOVA project activities and we especially want to thank the land owners who cherish both environmental- and fishery care and has given us approval to execute the restoration of the Söravan stream.

                      Best wishes from the board of Åby river lower FVO

                      Information regarding plastic ribbons around the river


                      Many have seen the plastiv ribbons that are present along some stretches of the south side of the river. These are leftovers from the reindeer keeping in the area during the winter. Åbyälvens lower FVO and land owners have been in contact with the same village who responds that they will remove the plastic ribbons now that the spring flow is over.

                      Regarding outbreak of crayfish plague in Skellefteå river


                      There is currently an outbreak of crayfish plague in the Skellefteå river. Please adhere to the rules for how to handle your fishing equipment if you have used it in the Skellefteå river previously! We want to keep our population of crayfish in the Åby river!

                      Find more informtion at: havochvatten.se

                      Invitation to send in bid for maintenance work


                      You are hereby invited to leave a bid for the maintenance work of the 2022 season.

                      You can find the contents of the assignent as well as bid instructions here (in Swedish).

                      Bids shall be sent before April 10th to ordforande@abyalven.se.

                      Retraction of license for Hednäs kraftverk is underway


                      Today Skellefteå Kraft announced that they will apply for a retraction of the license for Åbyälven Hednäs power station.

                      It is likely that this will mean that, in time, the power station will be removed, which is good news for the salmon population in the river!

                      Read more in the Skellefteå kraft press release.

                      Protocol from Annual meeting 2022


                      The protocol from the 2022 Annual meeting is now available. It can be found here.

                      Information about the current board members can be found here.

                      Please note updates to rules and control fees. Information can be found here.

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